Good Merch = Good Advertising.

Good merch = good advertising. Think about it. You’re visiting a restaurant/business/bar and having a great time—connecting with friends, on vacation, enjoying a cold drink after a day outside, or having delicious food. Then you spot a retail corner; the logo that drew you in is on t-shirts. Can you resist taking something home with you that will remind you of that experience? Maybe a sticker, a t-shirt, a water bottle, a leash for a furry friend?

If you’re at The Hub in Brant Lake, you may have a hard time walking away. The latest merchandise at this restaurant and bike shop boasts bright colors, illustrated graphics, hats, wearables, and other gear. Our team worked with The Hub to create a line of clothing that was true to the many Adirondack lakes surrounding the business, with geographic illustrations and nostalgic details to take people back.

Gray t-shirt laying flat on wooden surface with bicycle chains. Orange, yellow. and dark brown design featuring the words Schroon Lake and Adirondacks, NY. A fisherman is nestled in the letter K, wading into the lake with mountains in the distance and clouds in the sky.
Schroon Lake • Adirondacks, NY





While an investment for the business on the front-end, having a tangible item for customers to purchase, or maybe just identify with good branding, is a priceless way to stay with your guests and make a mark on other audiences, near and far.


Not all merchandise is created equal, however. At Trampoline, we not only take into account the design, color, typography, and layout but also the type of material being used and the reliability and reputation of the vendor, all while zeroing in on some unique items that you won’t see just anywhere. In addition, we’ll work with businesses to create memories with their merchandise.