People are rarely on a parallel timeline for radical change. Usually, it's an internal push, seeing that enrollment numbers are down, or sales are flat, or the current marketing materials don't adequately represent the brand.

Recessions and pandemics are other stories; these external events drive the need for change. The catch is that in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty; finding the way forward can feel impossible. Our legacy of agility and quick thinking, allow Trampoline to be equal parts light and motor, giving you perspective, confidence, and the energy to push through.

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Keep doing your thing. Move forward.

Can’t go to camp? Camp will come to you! During the pandemic, double h ranch brought their incredible brand of adventure into the homes of campers.
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Double H Ranch
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Make Things Easier

Focus on how you can help.
Solve problems. Improve.

Vail Resorts made consumers' decision to ski easier with flexible booking and an extended refund policy.

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Put your information out there. Don’t make assumptions about what people know.

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Stop Germ Stay Healthy

Glens Falls Hospital worked to inform the community with advice on how to stay safe.

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Take in the landscape.
Political, competitive, social.
React to data. Forecast.

With digital demonstrations, John Keal Music helped students decide which instrument suited them.

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Video: John Keal Music | Introduction to Band Instruments
Video: John Keal Music | Introduction to Orchestra Instruments
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Read the room. Design to overcome obstacles.

As bars closed and brewers' demand for hops fell off, CLS Farms switched the focus of their marketing to their crops of organic fruit.

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Stay Fresh

Do something new.
People are ready for good news.

Boats by George created the Smart Buyer Program allowing consumers to purchase from a distance, taking one-to-one sales seriously, with incredible success.

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Video: Boats By George // Smart Buyer Program 2021



Release your shoulders.
Unclench your jaw.
Go outside.

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Be Consistent


Be Consistent

Stay true to your brand, now more than ever.

Paul Smith’s College // Programs - Culinary & Baking Arts
Paul Smith’s College // Programs - Natural Sciences
Paul Smith’s College // Programs - Natural Resource Conservation & Management and Park & Conservation Management

Paul Smith’s College’s consistent TV opener allows students to change the channel based on their interests.

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Tailor advertising to individual audience segments.
Boilerplate messaging won’t work in the digital realm.

Oneonta segmented advertising based on specific interests, and used social media and digital advertising to connect people and places.

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