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Filling jobs and supporting the community with Glens Falls Hospital

Treat the patient, not the disease, the saying goes. Glens Falls Hospital needed to reassert a place in the community that was both compassionate and purposeful, it was not a time for lecturing, a conversation was needed. Weaving compelling language, evocative photography, and targeted placement we delivered conversation-starter campaigns for services, community engagement, and recruitment.


Custom Brand iconography & illustrations built to make an impression

We’ve all seen the happy to agonized faces to indicate pain level, why not use a similar straight forwardness in communication? We developed a system of icons to represent the hospital’s areas of focus as well as to bring the logo to life in colors that convey a sense of health and friendliness.

Filling RN job vacancies after launch of comprehensive recruitment campaign

Recruitment campaigns aren’t so much about filling positions as they are about connecting people and organizations with opportunities to benefit one another. Speaking directly to RNs and their desire to belong somewhere and feel seen, the campaign was showcased everywhere from public transportation to movie theaters and radio.

The Very First Snuggle Ad

Supporting The Joyce Stock Snuggery through print and digital campaigns

Supporting internal employee initiatives through print collateral

The effort to connect with the community also meant nurturing internal communication at Glens Falls Hospital. Together we created a system for employee recognition, event promotion, and opportunities to participate.

Lymphedema Awareness Fashion Show Poster
Glens Falls Hospital Ads
Glens Falls Hospital Brochure
Glens Falls Hospital Marketing Marterials
Hospital Staff

Supporting growth for Glens Falls Hospital means supporting the growth of our community

Growth leads to change, which can creates anxiety. As part of their commitment to fostering growth in order to provide close, effective, responsive healthcare, and employment for the community, Glens Falls Hospital invested time and consideration into storytelling, introducing providers, care teams, employees, and volunteers to the community. We helped package those stories through video, photography, design, and broadcast.