Spec: Risk or Flex?

Proposals with custom 3D printed topographic maps

The question about whether to provide spec work on a project is one that our shop has danced around for the last 16 years. In our industry, providing creative work ahead of any contract or agreement to do work isn’t advised. On the client side, spec work is a lot like staying in a nice […]


In the Spring of 2017, there were 11 Tramps creating in our studio. Over the course of the next three quarters, we added 5 more positions—accounts, production, design and social teams all benefitted from additional personnel. Change can be hard. Staff configuration, client needs, business plans…we’ve always been nimble with an ability to stretch and […]

Nature Makes Life Better.

As an agency, when we have free time, we’re all happiest outdoors in our beautiful Adirondack backyard. To that end, we are always excited for the chance to work with The Nature Conservancy-Adirondack Chapter. We just completed the design of a series of ads slated to run this spring. We had the chance to review and select amazing photography as we put our […]

A video paints 50,000 words

Our research consistently tells us that prospective college students want to be able to picture themselves at a school before they ever set foot on campus. To that end, video content is a crucial component for outreach and impact with teenagers. Trampoline and Paul Smith’s College have teamed up to produce a series of videos highlighting various majors and […]

Admissions of What Matters

When my daughter graduated from high school last May we already had our professional foot solidly in the higher education door. Our experience with SUNY Plattsburgh, Paul Smith’s College, Merrimack among others, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect from colleges trying to get the attention of high school kids. The viewbooks […]

From Ice to Mice

The way we cultivate clients at Trampoline differs greatly from client to client—some we research and approach over time, some come to us by way of a traditional RFP, many come from existing clients who share our work and some seem to arrive completely by chance. We did not set out to work with Embryotech Laboratories, Inc., […]

Culture by Design

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at Trampoline for eight months. It’s even stranger to think that last month marked my tenth year working in advertising. As I initially cut my teeth at an agency of over 100 employees, I experienced a number of the nuances of a “traditional agency.” Many a Sunday night in the late 2000’s, the goings […]

A Night to Remember

Last Friday, the Trampoline team stepped out to Michael’s Banquet House in Cohoes for the Albany Ad Club’s 2015 ADDYs. This year’s theme was PROM, billed as “just like High School, but with no class.” Never ones to shy away from a chance to dress up, we dusted off our fanciest duds—after we spent the afternoon listening to Journey and Phil Collins […]