Superheroes of Design

Close up of comic

When I learned that Marvel Studios patriarch Stan Lee passed away recently, it struck a chord with me. I collected Marvel comic books and trading cards growing up; it’s largely what sparked my interest in drawing and graphic design. I filled countless notebooks with sketches of Spider Man and Wolverine, and monopolized the TV watching […]

The Price of Admission

Free of Charge! Live Music! Open Bar!  These are a few qualifiers that never fail to draw a crowd. The first makes the wallet of a casual event goer happy and the second assures them they’ll be entertained (for free), while the third sets them up to crack open that very same wallet for other […]

Making Payroll in the Gig Economy

There’s a thing that happens in our studio. Inevitably, someone ends up dressing like a coworker. We all point and laugh. Knowing that next time it might be us. With an ad agency in the Adirondacks, there’s bound to be repeat flannel.

Summer Favorites; Beverage Edition

It’s no secret that the staff here at Trampoline enjoy a good drink or two. So much so that we’ve dedicated a significant chunk of our working lives to them. Visit the office and you’ll find a well stocked fridge, bar, kegerator, and coffee pot. Catch our team on the weekend enjoying a variety of […]

First & Repeat Impressions

We have a long history of accepting interns at Trampoline. We’ve had high school students come for short stints, college students stay for durations designated by credits they will earn, and we’ve even had people between jobs who want to dip their toes in the agency waters. We try to make sure it’s worth everyone’s […]

Drinkin’ on the Job

Recently, the Trampoline crew set off on several photo shoots at breweries across the north country. The crew found themselves calling barrooms “offices” and adding “taste tester” to their job descriptions. These are their stories. TUESDAY | Big Slide Brewery | Lake Placid, New York 9:00 AM – We arrive at the brewery bright and […]

Reason Speaks, Design Resonates

The design industry has always been nimble, always willing to pack, unpack, and rearrange the tools of the trade and the spirit with which it is practiced in order to adapt to its environs, whether it be political, financial, or logistical. The past twenty-five years have required a shift from print to online, with many […]

The New H Word

As a person in the marketing and advertising industry, and just a general lover of good entertainment, my tv is something I hold fairly dear. Every once in a while though, I hear the media repeatedly posing questions about what America is or isn’t ready for and I think about hucking my tv into the […]

2015 Winter Board Meeting

After a week that saw the launch of our new website (cue kazoos and confetti) and with 2014 now in the rearview mirror, the Trampoline team was ready for a little R&R. So on Tuesday, we traded mouse and pencil for skis and boards and headed to the Catskills for a day of skiing at Hunter Mountain Resort. Our […]

Social Profiling

Social media takes place online, but everyday stereotypes still abound. We’ve put together a sampling of some of the most common characters online. If you blog, tweet or update take a look and make sure you don’t fall too heavily into one category. Remember to operate like you would at a dinner party, it’s the […]