A Going Concern

We spend a lot of time sharing destination marketing campaigns like the work we’ve done for Vail Resorts, or placemaking campaigns for municipalities like the City of Oneonta, NY. The travel and tourism industry is on hold for the foreseeable future. While that puts a damper on both ongoing and upcoming work in our shop, […]

A Click Measuring Contest

As the saying goes: Likes don’t pay the bills…sales do. So much of what we do as an agency can, and should, be measured. Creatives, consultants, and influencers have to be transparent about a realistic return on investment. Interaction is not a transaction. Below: seven examples of how we’re calibrating campaigns with our clients, and using that data to […]

Unlimited Screen Time

First and foremost, we’re not what you’d call a web shop. Design, advertising, and campaign creative is really more our bailiwick. Repeat impressions, hilarious headlines, and content choices are how we execute a successful market strategy. While we’re not often elbow deep in open-source, it’s understood at the Trampoline studio that effective website design (and […]

Does Your Brand Still Fit?

We’re expecting a string of sunny days over the next week. It’s what our friends at Fountain Square call, “local summer.” You grab the summery clothes bound for storage and give them one last wear on a hike, trip to the lake or backyard barbecue. We dig deep into the gratitude well and revel in […]

Perspective Requires Evolution

Ideas are considered a deliverable in our industry. It can be hard to sell an idea, people might say, “But it didn’t cost you anything.” I suppose to a certain extent that’s true, but in reality, any idea is a result of our perspective, whether that is how we grew up, the education and training we’ve […]

Create demand and don’t let up

Today is the deadline for Peak Pass orders. 2019 passes went on sale back in early March, and prices go up May 1st! Tiered pricing tied to dates is a great way to incentivize consumers, but time limits alone will not seal the deal. Consumers need a repeat approach, even when the offering is a zero-hour affair, […]

Scavengers: End Scam

It’s here: the long awaited sequel. Scavengers: End Scam  The creative process can take many forms. Last May, we dropped the gauntlet at some of the characters that exist on our own industry. We timed it to coincide with the theatrical release of a certain Marvel Studios movie. This year, we’ve assembled a new rogues […]

Save the date

Our recent SAM Award for Best Use of Print has us considering the importance of artwork, even in a digital world. What is it about an event poster that attracts an audience? The buzz that built organically about the series of vintage destination posters that we arrived with at the 2018 Boston Ski Show was […]

Seeing the People Behind the Project

I sat in the corner of the basement room on a cold, metal chair, surveying people. One by one, they stood to talk about the importance of the work they do. Their eyes lit up and their hands fluttered as they told stories of the people they help on a daily basis. It’s one of […]

Trampoline Transformation

We’re dedicating the month of October to transformation. Because we’re creative types, each person’s interpretation of transformation might take its own shape. Next month will mark 15 years since we received the seal of incorporation and began the Trampoline story. When we incorporated in 2003 we had two full-time employees; today we have 18. Our […]