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A 32% increase in sales for High Falls Gorge

High Falls Gorge needed to reframe its social media, shifting from being present to being beloved. Imagery, language, and correspondence helped place people in the HFG story which in turn brought them to the Falls again and again.

A refreshed identity

High Falls Gorge Old Logo a stale, outdated mark that couldn't compete
High Falls Gorge New Logo a modern look to welcome visitors old and new

Results-driven storytelling through social media

What is engagement? It’s the difference between content as invitation and content as filler. Our work with High Falls Gorge transformed their content, both visual and messaging, into call-to-action to visit and to share memories. It worked.

High Falls Gorge Facebook Page

Custom visitor guides & trail maps

Rising profits, falling water

Advertising is almost a given, what isn’t so certain is the power of the ad. Bypassing the pitfalls of white noise, the campaign promised emotions and memories in a magnificently, photo-worthy location.

High Falls Gorge Ads
High Falls Gorge Newspaper Ad
High Falls Gorge Food Ad
High Falls Gorge Ad on Folded Newspaper
High Falls Gorge Ad

Photography to showcase unique wedding services