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1,200% increase in online views for Paul Smith’s College

Attention spans shrink and competition mounts, but in the end, if you can catch their eye or stop their thumb, you’re golden. Videos and ads featuring PSC students in their natural environments were transfixing and wildly shareable.

A refreshed identity

Paul Smith's College Logo a stale, outdated mark that couldn't compete
Paul Smith's new logo a modern look to honor the college's history

Dynamic storytelling through engaging videography

When the classroom is a forest and the professor’s assistant is a yellow Labrador retriever, is there any choice but to take the camera gear to the woods? The PSC video suite went from the cleanliness of the culinary facilities to the aft seat in the canoe in the middle of the St. Regis, allowing the Smitty story to be shared by the people who know it best – the students living it.

Custom campus maps

Materials for parents to support college decision-making

The most important things in selecting a college are different for students and their parents. Stripping it down to quick-hit information about quality, costs, location, and one-of-a-kindness helps bridge the gap. These pieces helped everyone know, “What that would look like.”

Trifold Paul Smith's Brochure
Paul Smith's College Close up of Brochure
Paul Smith's College Magazine
Paul Smith's College Admission Brochure

Collaborations with alumni = community building