Amanda McEnaney

Amanda thrives in managing projects, organizing chaos, checking things off lists, and being there every step of the way as creative ideas come to life. After spending close to a decade in the paper industry she has a deep appreciation for the smell of ink on press and the feel of a quality sheet of […]

Dale Mattison

Dale was born at a very early age. He has, what some would say, a Brobdingnagian passion for synonyms. He enjoys the outdoors, especially if there’s air conditioning. His love for video production and pizza have equally contributed to his hypertension. As the youngest of four boys, his unwavering lust for attention lead him into […]

Abi Garrand

Abi is a designer, illustrator, and was a 2021 Tramp summer intern. She is enthusiastic about film, music, and all things fun facts. As a rising senior at The College of Saint Rose, she thrives in a team setting, is grace under pressure, and is known to create some of her best work around one in […]

Kaitlyn McNutt

Kaitlyn is a creative connector, motivator, self-proclaimed chef, and artist. She enjoys the thrill of brand evolution and expanding target audiences. A few of her passions include Influencer marketing and all things trending on social media. She is a natural facilitator that thrives in color coded everything.  After leaving her Saratoga Springs roots to explore […]

Kristin Stroebel, PHR

Kristin Stroebel

Kristin credits growing up in family-owned businesses for her determination and strong work ethic in all that she sets out to accomplish. An eclectic career path in her younger years that included work as a Magician’s Assistant led Kristin to her niche in Human Resources. Her ability to drive a business by utilizing the strength of […]

Emma Prendeville

Emma is a Lake George native, bringing seven years of account management experience to the Trampoline team. Organization is her middle name; you’ll never see her without a list and highlighter in hand, and she lives for the challenge to foster true brand innovation. Before returning to the Adirondacks, Emma “did the Manhattan thing,” where […]

Kaitlin Pope

A recent online grad from Savannah College of Art and Design, Kaitlin originally hails from central Pennsylvania, but has called Lake George home since 2016. A graphic designer, illustrator and custom letterer, Kaitlin’s strengths lie in her flexibility and ability to tackle any project thrown at her with gusto. When not at a computer, you can find […]

Trish Malone Kircher

Trish Malone Kircher

Just to be clear, Trish was born Patricia, spent her formative years as Patty, a portion of her high school years as Betty (not by choice), and at times, autocorrected Patty becomes Party. Finally, in her later years, Patricia became Trish.  She is a mom always, a copy editor/writer, proofreader, event planner, and self-professed movie […]

Leslie Buccino

Leslie Buccino

Leslie is a senior art director across all mediums from print to digital to motion. She loves the research involved at the beginning of each job—sparking creativity and allowing the end result to have meaning. In addition to having an eye for em and en dashes, she nerds-out by striving to find the right balance […]

Rob Hendricks

Rob Hendricks

Rob is an art director, photographer, illustrator, former intern, and hardcore hoop head. As a Tramp, he takes pride in working with Double H Ranch, feeds his passion on branding and poster projects, and finds peace shooting photos on the ski slopes. After two years on the ‘wrong side’ of the Mason Dixon (shouts RVA), […]