Depth of Field

In search of a videographer with drive to narrate, chronicle, and produce content for clients in the outdoor adventure industry, higher education, healthcare, and non-profit spaces. If you’re enthusiastic about getting out there—mountain top, college campus, cityscape, or boardroom—and capturing emotion and excitement, then it’s time to call “Action!” on this opportunity. Responsibilities: Shoot and […]

Putting UX above the fold

Below, a few examples of recently launched websites that do more than just communicate. Our approach to user experience takes careful consideration of our audience and how they will interact with a particular brand online. High Falls Gorge Embedded video was the easiest way to communicate the rush of a visit to Wilmington, New York’s […]

From laid-off to fitting in

A trio of female coworkers wit socially distanced at an outdoor venue.

Life is a journey, and mine started in Upstate New York. It’s taken my traveling spirit on twists and turns to places far and wide—the latest is my position at Trampoline. But before I get too far into my Trampoline post, I need to share a little backstory. 2020, COVID-19, and the job market I’d […]

Hiring Account Manager

UPDATED TO ADD:   The position has been filled. We are always accepting resumés.   Trampoline is hiring an Account Manager to join our 18-person shop. This role will be responsible for managing a portfolio of clients, working with our Senior Leadership team to establish timelines and project scopes. This person will produce creative briefs […]

An update: New Year, New Opportunity, New Intern into New Employee

This has been an unprecedented year, to say the least. We’re thrilled to enter into 2021 with open minds and an open internship position! Due to Covid-19, we’re working remotely, so you will be, too. We’re seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated, creative individual who isn’t afraid to raise their hand with good ideas or ask for […]

A focus on preservation: Revealing hidden histories frame by frame with Preservation League of New York State

One of the most important things we do for clients is to create bridges. First, we deliver stories, missions, products, and experiences to potential audiences and clients using video, design, and language. Then, our skills get used in different ways to most effectively build those bridges. Timing influences projects—bandwidth and scheduling can sometimes be the […]

Unexpected Loss & Gain: College of Saint Rose Grads Reflect on Program Closures

An image of classmates mugging for the camera. And a caption of thanks to the College of St. Rose.

We read with heartbreak the news of the College of Saint Rose closing several of their programs. It feels cruel in a year when students have missed out on tradition, graduates are having a door sealed forever. The announcement, though understandable from a fiscal perspective, sobered the shop. As the news spread on Basecamp, Leslie Buccino, BFA […]

Donation communication: Standing out for a cause

It’s Giving Tuesday, 2020: a year that has pushed non-profit organizations to the brink organizationally, and financially. It’s become a Tramp tradition to use this day to point potential donors toward our causes and clients, who are working hard to make a difference. We also love linking our consumer brand clients to non-profit partnerships because […]

An Outbreak of Optimism

So much of what has happened in the last 6 months has been negative. There is certainly no shortage of material out there covering the declining economy, government failure, the sick and dying, failing small businesses and the list goes on. As a small business owner (and to hang on to a sliver of sanity) […]

Graphic design at world’s end: Recognizing the need to keep communicating

World’s end, too dramatic? Maybe.  But right now, California is burning, millions are infected with a virus that has isolated, well, everyone. Entire industries have collapsed. We’ve watched, helplessly, as professional sports ride the bench as a whole, to protect their health (or denounce inequality). We shook our heads as our favorite shows and movies […]