Navigating the Social Stratosphere

Social media is a part of our lives, woven into the fabric of so many things that we do. Whether used personally, professionally, or both, many view, share, create, edit, and scroll daily on one platform or multiple. But how does one stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms, features, […]

Super Bowl Sunday’s Big Winner: Advertisers

A Nielsen Sports website devoted to media valuation.

Whether you’re in it for the game, the snacks, the music, or the ads, there’s a little something for everyone during the Super Bowl. For us advertisers, and most people really, it’s a time for the world of advertising to shine. When commercials, typically not the viewers’ favorite part of a program, get their well-deserved […]

Why We Embrace Your Weird

Everyone’s a little weird, quirky, unique in their own way, right? Why not embrace those elements of our personality and bring them to the forefront, showcasing what makes us, well … us? Then, let’s apply that same mantra to business, putting the focus on the most distinctive parts of your brand so that it shines, […]

Bringing the Winter Stoke (and hopefully some snow too…)

D E C E M B E R 🏂⛷🙏 The most exciting month of the year. Fall turns into winter, snow gathers in the clouds and blankets the summits. Winter—the season we work toward for 10 months of the year—finally arrives. At Trampoline, we’re fortunate to be able to follow our passions online and offline. […]

Open Casting Call: Expert Skiers and Snowboarders

CASTING CALL CLOSED. Stay tuned for more opportunities in the future! WHO WE NEED: We’re casting expert skiers and snowboarders for a photoshoot project for Windham Mountain.  We’re seeking expert alpine skiers and snowboarders age 18+ who live in the New York area, closer to Windham. We’re looking for expert individuals along with experienced families. […]

Give Back on Giving Tuesday

We’re from a small community – Glens Falls, New York to be exact. And we live in an area surrounded by similar small communities, all of whom work together to support their own, as well as those around them. There are a multitude of ways to support local — to make a small change in […]

A refresh to stay current

A scrolling image of a landing page for a Cobalt dealer offering a smart buyer program.

Whether you suffer from writer’s block, the 3 o’clock yawns, or the stuck-inside-for-a-year-pandemic-doldrums, change, or a refresh, might be just the thing to perk you up again. We all need to flip the pages every now and again, to stay motivated, relevant, and feeling good. The same goes for businesses. Getting up on plane with […]

Making fruit juicy.

A sketchbook filled with early design concept and fruit illustrations.

When CLS Farms came to Trampoline to design a new Organic Fruit brand with the goal of creating excitement, our design team was eager to take a bite, geeking out over apricots like we do beer. Learning that the signature fruit would be the Robada Apricot, we got to work with the first step in […]

Making music during a pandemic:

A video shoot during COVID featuring a flute instructor. The crew was masked and practiced social distancing.

The changes we have witnessed and survived through COVID-19 have been business-altering across all industries. There were unimaginable losses that we mourned, while others passed largely unnoticed. The introduction of musical instruments to elementary school students was a potential casualty of lockdown. Salvaging opportunities for music education When the pandemic forced us to stay home, […]

Business during climate change: Code Red for humanity

An illustration of a bucolic vista in Williamstown, MA with images of boots and leaves preseresenting the importance of land conservation.

As a design and communication agency, we want to contribute to conversations and efforts around climate change. Our clients often ask us to help with a green message. We aren’t interested in perpetuating greenwashing, pinkwashing, or any other lipstick-on pig gestures made to get credit without putting in the work. It can make for awkward […]