Vector in Place

Keep the content fresh. Even a global catastrophe is no reason to post anything stale. The Tramps challenged one another to market their personal shelter-in-place locations. What’s the best part about where you are? You can almost hear the Sinatra in this fifties throwback by Allison, who puts the kitch in kitchenette. The Stardust in […]

Socially distant. Creatively consistent.

Six weeks into quarantine, but who’s counting? We are. Counting website hits, conversions, sales. Yes, counting billable hours. Counting on people to do the right thing. We’re counting on each other. The team dynamic is a big part of our agency process. The cross-pollination of ideas, contrasting opinions and design styles make our work. We […]

Read the room:

How to market, moving forward. Click above to view recent communication from Paul Smith’s College to students, parents, and alumni. After almost a month of remote work, following stay-at-home guidelines, we’re finally seeing advertising that has been clearly influenced by a worldwide pandemic. For our part, we’ve been creating COVID-influenced content since February as part […]

A Going Concern

We spend a lot of time sharing destination marketing campaigns like the work we’ve done for Vail Resorts, or placemaking campaigns for municipalities like the City of Oneonta, NY. The travel and tourism industry is on hold for the foreseeable future. While that puts a damper on both ongoing and upcoming work in our shop, […]

Business unusual

In a perfect world, the press release would read something like: Trampoline expands, adding 16 new offices, overnight. We are not living in a perfect world. Our staff is now creating from the safety of their own homes. Our trademark morning huddle still takes place daily, albeit virtually. We’re able to organize the day’s deadlines, […]

A Click Measuring Contest

As the saying goes: Likes don’t pay the bills…sales do. So much of what we do as an agency can, and should, be measured. Creatives, consultants, and influencers have to be transparent about a realistic return on investment. Interaction is not a transaction. Below: seven examples of how we’re calibrating campaigns with our clients, and using that data to […]

BoGo on Philanthro

Here are ten, non-profit clients who partner with Trampoline to help raise awareness of (and funds for) their efforts. Each is different, with varying geographic areas, vision statements, and metrics for success. They are all mission-driven professionals trying to have an impact on our world. This Giving Tuesday, please consider supporting one of these organizations! 1. Double […]

Motion to compel

Shiny objects and shorter attention spans. That’s what it comes down to. Here are nine, easy examples of how to incorporate motion into your marketing, because it’s no longer enough to just put yourself out there, you also have to dance. For marketers, and brands, the investment in extra action offers an immediate increase in […]

Unlimited Screen Time

First and foremost, we’re not what you’d call a web shop. Design, advertising, and campaign creative is really more our bailiwick. Repeat impressions, hilarious headlines, and content choices are how we execute a successful market strategy. While we’re not often elbow deep in open-source, it’s understood at the Trampoline studio that effective website design (and […]

Does Your Brand Still Fit?

We’re expecting a string of sunny days over the next week. It’s what our friends at Fountain Square call, “local summer.” You grab the summery clothes bound for storage and give them one last wear on a hike, trip to the lake or backyard barbecue. We dig deep into the gratitude well and revel in […]