Design Deferred

…with apologies to Langston Hughes. Today, July 13th, marks 4 months since we locked up our studio and began to create remotely. Home office setups became the place for designing-while-parenting, pet photobombs, and laundry debacles… while each Zoom Conference / Google Meet / Microsoft Teams streamed it all for clients and coworkers alike. We use […]

Support your workforce

There have always been kids at Trampoline. Since 2003 we’ve worked to create a culture that puts family first, knowing full well that it’s easier to be creative when things are good at home. That founding principle—Family First—has taken on a deeper meaning as we collaborate from the confines of our living rooms. On the […]

A reintroduction:

Trampoline helps companies and organizations make the most of any situation. Even when faced with remote-work challenges, video conference buffering, and parenting-while-creating, these seven clients have used their Q2 wisely. They’re making adjustments, or acquisitions, and are communicating their position in the best way imaginable.   Pick your path First things first ^ fruit pun! […]

Forced Change Can Reveal Positive Growth

A photo of bright green blades of grass with a dandelion in the foreground.

We are often told not to fall in love with the first idea or design. Many times, if you challenge yourself to think past that first idea, you land on a new concept that is different and flexible. Exploring how many ways you can pivot a thought or the oddest thing you can think of—seriously, […]

Printing is in the Details

ADKCouncil Annual Report Cover

We’re always excited to get print samples. We were particularly eager to get print samples of the recent Adirondack Council Planned Giving brochure. We knew this would be the perfect project to have printed using UV Printing with the beautiful landscape photography used throughout. UV printing is a commercial printing process that uses ultraviolet curing […]

Black Lives Matter

Today is no different than yesterday or eight days ago, or even 8 years ago. Our country has a racism problem. We should have spoken up a long time ago, been more consistent with our support and advocacy. You may have seen the term “generational pain” recently. This is the collective impact of 400 years […]

Vector in Place

Keep the content fresh. Even a global catastrophe is no reason to post anything stale. The Tramps challenged one another to market their personal shelter-in-place locations. What’s the best part about where you are? You can almost hear the Sinatra in this fifties throwback by Allison, who puts the kitch in kitchenette. The Stardust in […]

Socially distant. Creatively consistent.

Six weeks into quarantine, but who’s counting? We are. Counting website hits, conversions, sales. Yes, counting billable hours. Counting on people to do the right thing. We’re counting on each other. The team dynamic is a big part of our agency process. The cross-pollination of ideas, contrasting opinions and design styles make our work. We […]

Read the room: Communicating in times of crisis

How to market, moving forward. Click above to view recent communication from Paul Smith’s College to students, parents, and alumni. After almost a month of remote work, following stay-at-home guidelines, we’re finally seeing advertising that has been clearly influenced by a worldwide pandemic. For our part, we’ve been creating COVID-influenced content since February as part […]

A Going Concern

We spend a lot of time sharing destination marketing campaigns like the work we’ve done for Vail Resorts, or placemaking campaigns for municipalities like the City of Oneonta, NY. The travel and tourism industry is on hold for the foreseeable future. While that puts a damper on both ongoing and upcoming work in our shop, […]