Ames Goldsmith

Refined recycling

Ames Goldsmith dates back to 1860 when a self-taught chemist and astronomer from Poultney, Vermont, Merritt Ames, made a discovery. The lantern slides he was creating for his photography endeavors were generating waste that contained silver. Ames was a renaissance man; from there, he developed refinement techniques that produced material usable by photographers, the U.S. Mint, and manufacturers fo mirrors for medicine. Fast forward 160 years, and you have a company that has adapted to meet the ever changing demands of tech and industry.

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Branding, Collateral

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Precious metal manufacturing

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Since 2016
"All of the ideas the team presented were wonderful. We could see a lot of thought went into each and every design; they were all really fabulous and exceeded our expectations. I am thrilled that we picked a design and that this project has momentum."
Jennifer Quandt, Human Resources Manger