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A flexible graduate program, centered around student interests is difficult to define—and therefore can be difficult to sell. The MALS track at the CUNY Graduate Center was different than many of their other graduate offerings, many of which were dedicated doctoral programs. The Masters in Liberal Studies was less prestigious, but a potential income-generator for the school, and so a major-specific promotion was created. Online ads that featured a double-exposure of students and cityscapes painted a picture of the bustling CUNY Campus on 5th Avenue.

Conceptual and smart, the Footnote campaign for the Graduate Center of the City University of New York was made for doctoral candidates in search of the perfect place to complete their degree. These academics are particular, opinionated, and well-researched, so a recruitment campaign of general info wasn’t going to matter much. Only a message specific to advanced studies would have an impact.

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The folks at Trampoline are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very patient with us through several rounds of design revision (and our bureaucratic payment process), and we have always ended up with a great product. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
Gerry Martini
Assistant Director of Admissions