Lake George RV Park

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Lake George RV Park

The Lake George RV Park has been in operation for nearly fifty years and has drawn high customer ratings and continued repeat visits. We worked with the park on a full-illustrative rebrand of their existing logo, signage, and website. Charlie’s Bark Park, a brand new, two-acre recreation area for dogs, was launched with a logo and illustrated map. In addition, we collaborated with the park to create “Toasty,” a marshmallow mascot who represents the park everywhere from collateral materials to Twitter (@Toasty_LGRV).

Project Details

Branding, Advertising, Web Design, Collateral, Mascot Creation, Merchandise

Client Details

Consumer, Destination

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Since 2010
Cascade Cove logo
Charlie Bark Park logo
Increase in phone calls for general inquiries and reservations
Lake George RV Park Map
Charlie's Bark Park Map
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For over 10 years I have been lucky to collaborate with the good folks at Trampoline design on a variety of exciting projects. From rebranding and logo development, to website design, social media campaigns, retail merchandise, and fulfillment, working with Team Tramp is better than having my own in-house marketing media staff.
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