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Mannix Marketing has been in business since the internet was invented, or so it seems. Their visionary approach to online communication and competition has kept Mannix at the forefront of digital media. From web design to search engine optimization to social media strategy, Mannix is a company that understands online positioning, and provides quick responses to code gone wrong.

Our discussions about repositioning the Mannix brand consistently came back to their dedication to client outcomes—a source of pride, personally and professionally. Success Measured was the result of the Mannix team moving the needle for their clients, with real and tangible improvements.

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Branding, Advertising, Signage, Collateral, Stationery

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Business-to-Business, Professional Services, Digital Marketing

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Since 2008 and logos and logos
Number of websites developed for Tramp clients in 2018
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Success Measured, as a trademarked tagline, describes what we value: the creation of measurable results for our clients. It also serves as a reminder for us to be laser-focused on rankings, placement, and quantitative outcomes.
Sara Mannix
Founder and Owner