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At Mean Max Brew Works they handcraft beer in small, 3-barrel batches under the direct personal attention of a Brewmaster. They use green processes coupled with traditional brewing methods to ensure consistent and distinctive craft brewed beer whether it’s packaged in growlers, bottles, or draft kegs.

Trampoline has worked with Owner/Brewers Dave Walls and Matt Barry to brand and package the different Mean Max offerings in a system that works to create repeat impressions as it promotes individual ales. Our staff has been known to tip a pint at the tasting room, or take on Dave’s famous trivia.

Project Details

Branding, Advertising, Packaging, Merchandise, Poster Design, Videography

Client Details

Consumer, Brewery

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Since 2014
Beer Can designs for Mean Max
Mean Max Beer Can designs
Pints in a pony keg ÷ 18 staffers = 2 drinks apiece, and a growler for the road.
Mean Max Barrel with Fruit Illustrations
Mean Max Barrel Illustrations
We owe a debt of gratitude to Trampoline and its amazing team! You guys rock.
David Walls