Emma Prendeville

Account Executive

Emma is a Lake George native, bringing seven years of account management experience to the Trampoline team. Organization is her middle name; you’ll never see her without a list and highlighter in hand, and she lives for the challenge to foster true brand innovation. Before returning to the Adirondacks, Emma “did the Manhattan thing,” where she led award-winning consumer engagement campaigns for national product brands including Microsoft, T.J. Maxx, Unilever, the American Heart Association, and Campbells. When she’s not in the office, Emma enjoys time outdoors with her family and friends, usually on the water or the slopes. Her interests include: dogs, water sports of any kind, being highly competitive at trivia, dancing to live music, and quoting SNL skits. If you ever need an extra member for your sports team, or someone to watch (and pet) your pup, she’s your gal! Fun Fact: Emma grew up without internet access or cable television, so feel free to quiz her on movie quotes. Just don’t expect her to follow any 90’s references you make.

Emma's Favorite Projects

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