Kristin Stroebel

Kristin Stroebel, PHR

Managing Director, Human Resources

Kristin credits growing up in family-owned businesses for her determination and strong work ethic in all that she sets out to accomplish. An eclectic career path in her younger years that included work as a Magician’s Assistant led Kristin to her niche in Human Resources. Her ability to drive a business by utilizing the strength of a company’s people has made her successful in large corporations and small businesses alike. She enjoys all aspects of HR and she is most passionate about the areas that involve employee engagement, training and company culture. 

A Lake George native, Kristin now resides in Queensbury with her two sons Bennett and Luke, and their rescue dog, Ivy, and she enjoys her time with loved ones most. Kristin also loves to travel and has an obsession with all things related to aviation, old Hollywood, and music from the 70s and 80s.  She honestly loves to fall asleep on the couch while watching movies. 

Kristin's Favorite Projects

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