Hey. We’re Trampoline.

We love what we do, which to be honest, is pretty unpredictable. We resist templates and run-of-the-mill, box checking. Every member of our team brings a spirit of competition and creativity to the table. Why should this matter to you? Well, chances are we’ll take you places that you didn’t initially expect.

We do more than craft messages and build identities; we want to get ideas stuck in people’s heads and missions lodged in people’s hearts. We shamelessly employ any and all talents and skills to accomplish our goals—scoring music for a commercial background, pulling out carpentry tools, hiking a mountain in the dark of night to catch a time lapse at dawn, sewing a custom space suit. Imagine what we might do for you!

18 years and counting

Our Hometown
Glens Falls, NY

Furry Friends
11 dogs, 6 cats

What We're Passionate About

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A curve here, a stroke there; something exists that never did before.

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If it’s worth a thousand words, you better spend more than five minutes on it.

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Words can change lives and build legends.

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Through song and silence we find connections.

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Kombucha to stout, Diet Coke to tea, we love to hydrate.

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There are no ideas that can’t be strengthened by feedback.