Learning on the Road

Spring tends to be the season of interviews; students are seeking internships, graduates are trying to line up employment, and often times people are exploring their options to get closer to something—family, their true passion, their significant other. Regardless of who we are talking to a theme that comes back around again and again is […]

Admissions of What Matters

When my daughter graduated from high school last May we already had our professional foot solidly in the higher education door. Our experience with SUNY Plattsburgh, Paul Smith’s College, Merrimack among others, we had a pretty good idea of what to expect from colleges trying to get the attention of high school kids. The viewbooks […]

Smells Like School Spirit*

We’re pleased to kick off the year, a little tardy, with the announcement that our work for Paul Smith’s College has earned 3 Gold Medals from the Collegiate Advertising Awards. The work has been a labor of love as we have an alumnus of the college in our family, which may explain how our woodworking […]

Selling the Future

There’s no denying that the SUNY System is an incredible asset for New York State. Last year we were contracted to create a new suite of print collateral for SUNY Plattsburgh recruitment efforts. Our directive was to create materials that would stand the four-year test of time for engaging a new class of students in an […]