Spotlight on Summer 🌞

While most of our team are self-proclaimed powder hounds come winter, but once the sun starts shining and the ground thaws, we ditch our sticks and gear up for hiking, biking, and basically any kind of outdoor recreation that we can find in our area. To celebrate summer’s arrival, we’re shining a light on local […]

Navigating the Social Stratosphere

Social media is a part of our lives, woven into the fabric of so many things that we do. Whether used personally, professionally, or both, many view, share, create, edit, and scroll daily on one platform or multiple. But how does one stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms, features, […]

The Intern Story

It’s snowing, I’m late, and I have no idea where to park! Those were the thoughts running through my head as I looped around the slick streets of Glens Falls the morning of my first day as an intern at Trampoline. By the time I walked through the door to the office I was frustrated, […]

Surviving Instagram in 2018

Instagram has over 800+ million engaged monthly users. The photo-sharing platform is on track to hit a billion users this year, and currently boasts an estimated $100 billion market value. And while it falls behind its parent company, Facebook, in size and value, it outpaces Facebook’s engagement rates by over 15%. While using Instagram may […]


Late last year we started working with Loews Don CeSar on a suite of materials for their New Year’s Eve event. The campaign we created was a success for the team in St. Pete’s, who saw record numbers, and a blast creatively for our shop. We were tickled pink to help conceive and build out a social media contest […]

Social Profiling

Social media takes place online, but everyday stereotypes still abound. We’ve put together a sampling of some of the most common characters online. If you blog, tweet or update take a look and make sure you don’t fall too heavily into one category. Remember to operate like you would at a dinner party, it’s the […]