Culture by Design

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working at Trampoline for eight months. It’s even stranger to think that last month marked my tenth year working in advertising. As I initially cut my teeth at an agency of over 100 employees, I experienced a number of the nuances of a “traditional agency.” Many a Sunday night in the late 2000’s, the goings […]

Tramps on the Run

We indulge in quite a bit of interoffice smack talk, ranging from music tastes and typos, to feats of athleticism or clumsiness. When Jim Goodspeed, our longtime contact for the pro-bono work on the Rotary 5k, ribbed us for the 15th time about putting together a corporate team, we finally bit. “Ok, who’s in?” Sean […]

The New H Word

As a person in the marketing and advertising industry, and just a general lover of good entertainment, my tv is something I hold fairly dear. Every once in a while though, I hear the media repeatedly posing questions about what America is or isn’t ready for and I think about hucking my tv into the […]

The West (Mountain) Is The Best

East coast skiers are accustomed to sketchy conditions. There’s a reason we have “rock” skis at-the-ready for days when snow is thin. In fact, they usually get more use than our more favored sticks. But every once in a great while, we get lucky. The same storm pattern that’s dumped 100 inches on Boston has left east […]

2015 Winter Board Meeting

After a week that saw the launch of our new website (cue kazoos and confetti) and with 2014 now in the rearview mirror, the Trampoline team was ready for a little R&R. So on Tuesday, we traded mouse and pencil for skis and boards and headed to the Catskills for a day of skiing at Hunter Mountain Resort. Our […]

A New Season

A short time ago we posted that we were searching for two designers to add to our team. Serendipity struck and we found one candidate who was originally from the area and ready to come back and a candidate who fit the bill and brought our Yankees/Red Sox ratio to 50/50. Welcome back to Matt Britt. Matt […]