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A little about Trampoline

We’re a deeply committed group of designers, writers, and strategists, determined to change the future, one client at a time, from our women-owned agency in Upstate New York.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Our Team

Teams don’t make it to victory by petty scorekeeping, they do it through cooperation, effort, and humility—throw in some wild ideas for good measure. Our team makes time and space to hear both ideas and criticisms, because in the end it’s the layers of perspective that make our work the strongest. We all have rabid appetites for pop culture and news, not to mention traditional typography and experimental art. We weave between donning headphones to concentrate and singing aloud to someone’s playlist to loosen up, all the while moving the mouse and scratching the sketch book to deliver the strongest creative. Come get to know us in 20 words or less, or even better, come see us in person.

Our Services

We connect things—people and messages, ideas and solutions, personalities and brands.

Brand Identity

 Everything is built upon a company’s brand. We love creating that foundation.


A good message isn’t just compelling words, it’s the chemistry to connect brands with an audience.


Attention spans are too short & media buys are too expensive for anyone to run bland ads.


The goods, the proof, the show us what you’ve got; It’s all right here.

Get Connected

We're pretty easy to find‑Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the corner pub or the summit. Odds are you can also find us at the office, now that we have a pool table, not a lot of reason to leave.


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